​​Through the written word and the visual arts, Figurative Arc explores the human condition in dynamic ways. The themes of strength, vulnerability and inclusiveness showcase the masterpieces each of us are. 

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​The imaginative participation of the viewer or listener completes the "arc" of what makes something art.  As such, ​​I invite you to explore this website. You can learn about my affordable print magazine and ebook on the photography page.  You can also peruse my  YouTube channel to see my short films, discussions on spirituality in art and video tutorials. 

Thank you for your interest in Figurative Arc. If you like my work, please express this on our Facebook Page, where you will also find our latest art news.  In the meantime, may our next creative endeavor be an inspiring one! 



Have you ever been told while making art that you were doing it wrong? Often these negative life experiences make us believe we do not have the talent to “do it right.”  I believe we all have important stories to share and have the creative ability to tell them.  We just need to develop our own voice and believe in ourselves.  I hope you will keep this in mind when you view my work. 


My figurative work began with environmental male nude photography. This culminated into a poetry ebook: “Hero Myth of the Masculine Journey” and a print magazine.  My latest blog project, Poetic Infusion, features a ongoing multi part sci-fi poetic epic on a desert planet. "Indentured Circus" uses light painting nudes to highlight the struggle for self identity.  You can read and sign up for the blog directly on the link above or my blog page.